Lexi's Lair has once again received a remodel. its been 9 months since the closing of aro, and i just now got around to updating this haha! Naturally there is no point in tracking progress in a place that doesnt exist. Originally Lexi's Lair was a personal site about me, however due to the wrong people stumbling across this site, I no long post personal information. For now this is a site to display my current projects I'm working on from time to time. Enjoy!
Project A Gallery|Girls|Avatar|Signatures|Backgrounds
A collection of anime girl pictures, various humorous images, and avatars, signatures, and backgrounds I use or have used.
Project B Anime|Manga|Toon|Game
Progress lists for things ive played and watched, at least... the ones i remember!
Project C
Various anime or game specific projects.
Project D Characters|Story|RP|Campains|Data
A collection of Dungeons & Dragons, story and role playing information
Project E Home|Furnish|Misc
Various designs I make when im bored, they are by no means blueprints, just rough sketch ideas.
Project F
A gathering of various data, comming soon